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Two RTI concessions end

Employers can no longer rely on two important concessions to escape a penalty for late RTI reports. Might this affect you and, if so, how? More...


Tribunal rules training costs were not tax deductible

An employee who underwent training for his job claimed the cost as a tax deduction. HMRC refused to allow it and the First-tier Tribunal agreed with it. What were the tribunal’s reasons and can training costs ever be tax deductible? More...


Tax-efficient ways to cash in an insurance bond

Insurance bonds are popular investments, but if you pay tax at higher rates when you encash them it can result in a large tax bill. The good news is there are simple and legitimate tricks you can use to avoid that. How do they work? More...


Timing your salary for tax efficiency

You have various sources of income, including from investments. The trouble is that because this varies from year to year it creates unexpected tax liabilities. How can you plan your income to be more tax efficient in 2016/17? More...


Don’t underestimate the value of ER

If you sell or wind up your business you may be entitled to entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) on the capital gain you make. What’s more, a loophole in the rules might qualify you for more ER than you were expecting. When does this apply? More...


100% capital allowances extended for green cars

In his 2016 Budget the Chancellor announced that the capital allowances (CA) tax break for low emission company cars will continue, but subject to tougher limitations. How should you plan your vehicle purchases to maximise tax relief? More...


VAT tax points can improve your cash flow

If your business provides services under a continuous or long-term contract, special rules determine when you have to account to HMRC for VAT on the supplies you make. How can you delay this and so improve your cash flow? More...


What’s new with Class 2?


HMRC clarifies tax break on gifts

Last updated: 07.08.2020

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