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Big changes in personal tax

The Chancellor delivered surprises across the board in his 2016 Budget. But it’s the personal tax changes that caught the eye. How might these affect you? More...


Is IR35 no longer your problem?

Under Budget proposals if your company works for local or central government organisations they might be obliged to pay you net of PAYE tax and NI contributions. When and how will this affect your income? More...


Maximising capital allowances when transferring a trade

Businesses can claim capital allowances (CAs) for the cost of equipment used in their trade. But there can be a catch if you transfer the trade from an unincorporated business to a company. What steps can you take to protect your claim? More...


Entrepreneurs’ relief for a personally owned asset

If you make a capital gain from selling personally owned property used by your company, entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) won’t apply despite the asset having been used for business. How can you plan the sale so that it will apply? More...


Clearing a director’s loan by dividend - a good idea?

Owing your company money can trigger a tax charge for which the Chancellor increased the rate in the 2016 Budget. It can be avoided by paying yourself a dividend to clear the debt, but is this the most cost-efficient option? More...


Are entertainment-related costs tax deductible?

Special rules prevent tax relief being allowed for the cost of business entertainment, but certain related costs escape. How do the blocking rules apply and what are the exceptions? More...


When must you charge VAT on tips?

Where your customer pays a gratuity with their bill this can, depending on the circumstances, trigger a VAT liability which you must account for out of the money received. What steps can you take to avoid this happening? More...


Registration limit creeps up


A boost to tax-free pension advice

Last updated: 07.08.2020

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