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Digital records will be compulsory

The government intends to force all businesses, large and small, to keep records electronically. When will this happen and how should you prepare for it? More...


Entrepreneurs’ relief needs perfect timing

A Tribunal recently considered a disputed claim for entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) by a former director in respect of shares sold in a company which he helped establish. The case centred on the timing of the sale. What’s the full story? More...


Are you missing out on tax-free mileage allowances?

You use your own car for business journeys for both your self-employed consultancy and the company of which you’re a director. What’s the maximum tax and NI-free mileage allowance you can claim? More...


Avoiding the NI trap on tips and gratuities

Following a PAYE inspection one of our subscribers was hit with a massive bill for NI relating to tips paid to her employees. Why, and what steps can you take to avoid the same trap? More...


Can I borrow that (tax free) please?

In April 2016 the rules on benefits in kind will change so that low value perks will be tax and NI exempt. How will this apply to perks in the form of personal use of equipment owned by your company? More...


Pre-owned asset tax and life insurance

As a director shareholder it’s sensible for your company to insure your life to compensate fellow directors in the event the worst happens, but it can result in an income tax bill for you. Why, and what steps can you take to avoid it? More...


Link your businesses for maximum VAT efficiency

Unlike sole-trader businesses every company must have its own VAT registration. This can add extra layers of admin where you run two or more connected companies. Group registration might help, but when can you use it? More...


advisory fuel rates fall


New system for reporting under-declarations

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