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Changes to the RTI end-of-year report

HMRC has made some minor, but important, changes to the RTI end-of-year procedure. As an employer what do you need to know? More...


Tax free and subsidised childcare - what’s the latest?

Tax free childcare has been delayed by court action and amended in the Autumn Statement. It’s now scheduled to be introduced in 2017. When it arrives how and when will it affect employer childcare schemes? More...


Tax planning for company owner managers

Tax on dividends is increasing from April 2016 and the government is attacking the sheltering of income through companies. A safe, tax-efficient profit extraction method is needed, but is there anything that fits the bill? More...


Avoiding car fuel benefit the easy way

For most people with company cars it’s not tax efficient for the business to pay for private fuel as it results in a fixed and hefty tax bill. However, avoiding the tax charge can be more tricky than you might think. What are your options? More...


Supporting a loss-making company tax efficiently

If you put money into your company and its value falls to nothing, you might be entitled to a tax break to reduce your overall loss. The timing of your investment can determine whether or not you qualify. How can you avoid losing out? More...


Transferring your company - when is BPR lost?

You’ve built up a business from scratch and now it’s time for the family to take over the reins. Business property relief (BPR) usually prevents IHT from being payable on the transfer, but it’s easily lost. How can you avoid this trap? More...


Is self-billing the answer to a tardy supplier?

One of our subscribers uses a supplier who’s often late in sending its invoices. This sometimes results in a delay of nearly three months before they can reclaim the VAT. Can self-billing solve the problem? More...


HMRC’s sneaky tax code adjustment


Update your employee starter checklist

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