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Introducing the new tax allowances

New tax-free allowances will be given to shareholders and investors from 6 April 2016. How might these affect your tax bill and is there any planning you can do? More...


New SDLT surcharge catch for homeowners

From April 2016 extra stamp duty land tax (SDLT) will be payable if you buy a residential property and already own one or more. If there’s a gap between the sale and purchase of your next home, will you be liable for the surcharge? More...


Rent-a-room relief - double your (tax free) money

In April 2016 the rent-a-room tax allowance almost doubles. This could be a game changer if you rent out an apartment or annex which is part of your home. What steps do you need to take to qualify for the newly increased tax allowance? More...


Will one-man companies still be tax efficient in 2016/17?

If you run your business through a company which pays you dividends you might be better or worse off in tax terms from 6 April 2016. We’ve crunched the numbers and arrived at some surprising results. Will you be a winner or loser? More...


Why is recording a loss good tax planning?

When it suits HMRC it will rely entirely on the figures shown on your company’s tax return. A mistake might therefore result in extra corporation tax. A tribunal recently considered this point. What lessons can be learned from its decision? More...


CGT - time for planning

February and March are the months to think about year-end capital gains tax (CGT) planning. If you want to reduce a capital gain you’ve already made during 2015/16 or avoid increasing it, what are your options? More...


Account for VAT on insurance commission?

The VAT rules that apply to the treatment of commission or fees for referring your customers to insurance products is a minefield. In what circumstances must you account for VAT and when can you avoid it? More...


What’s your (IHT) number?


Don’t take your pension (yet)!

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