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Businesses must pay tax sooner

The government has launched a consultation on a new system of tax payments by businesses. What are its proposals and how might they affect you? More...


Disagreeing with HMRC’s computer

Surprisingly, the First-tier Tribunal has ruled in favour of a taxpayer who claimed to have submitted her tax return online despite HMRC proving that she had not. What was the reason for the decision? More...


Turning pension contributions into tax-free income

If you have money to invest you could go for one of the government’s tax-advantaged schemes like ISAs. These have proved popular, but could the changes to scheme rules make a pension a better home for your cash? More...


When can HMRC refuse a deduction?

You’re having your offices repainted and the decorator has asked to be paid in cash. You would prefer not to, but as he comes highly recommended and is cheap you’ve agreed to go along with it. Will this cause trouble with the Taxman? More...


Accountants’ fees and directors’ tax returns

Accountants will usually charge you personally for completing your tax return according to the time spent. But what’s the tax position if the charge is wrapped up in the fee for preparing your company’s accounts? More...


The new expenses rule and working rule agreements

New tax rules for recording and paying employees’ job-related expenses apply from 6 April 2016. How will these affect tax and NI-free payments you make under working rule agreements (WRAs)? More...


Correcting VAT errors - what’s HMRC’s view?

Despite your best efforts mistakes in VAT returns are almost bound to happen from time to time, especially where a large number of transactions are involved. How should you correct them and what are the consequences of doing so? More...


CIS returns - nothing to report here!


HMRC’s new charter

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