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All local tax offices to close

As part of HMRC’s cost-cutting exercise it will shut all but 13 offices. When will this happen and how will it affect you and your business? More...


When is an RTI report late?

HMRC’s latest Employer Bulletin explains where it thinks employers are going wrong with the timing of their RTI submissions. Might you be sending late reports without realising it and could this land you in trouble later on? More...


Transferring property out of your company tax efficiently

You want to transfer ownership of your business premises from your company to yourself. You’ve heard that it can be done using a dividend in specie. What is this and are there any tax advantages to it? More...


Will new accounting rules affect dividends?

New accounting rules will soon start to show companies’ annual accounts. Surprisingly, they might make it harder for directors to decide if their company can afford to pay dividends. What’s the full story? More...


Shared equipment - who receives the capital allowances?

If you buy equipment for use in your business you’re entitled to claim a tax deduction for the cost. But who can claim the deduction if the equipment is shared by two or more businesses? More...


The help to buy ISA has finally arrived

The help to buy ISA (HBISA) was announced in the March 2015 Budget, but it only became available on 1 December 2015. Who can open one and what does the account offer that other ISAs don’t? More...


Giving away a company-owned property

Different VAT treatments can apply to transactions involving property, depending on the type of building and the nature of the arrangement. So what’s the position if a company gives away a property to one of its director shareholders? More...


New approved rates for foreign travel


IR35 PAYE deadline

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