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Business records checks to go

HMRC has decided to scrap its controversial business records checks. What implications might this have for your business? More...


Write off a director’s loan

Your company has paid so-called s.455 tax because a director shareholder owes it money. The director can’t afford and isn’t expected to repay the loan. He’s now resigned. Can your company obtain a s.455 tax refund? More...


Optimising the allocation of capital expenditure

Where, after December 2015, you purchase plant or equipment, a restricted annual investment allowance (AIA) might apply. So how should you allocate it to obtain tax relief in the shortest possible time? More...


Is tax payable on a festive gift to you or your company?

One of your generous customers added a little extra when they paid their latest bill and asked you to treat your team to a Christmas drink or two. Will tax and NI have to be paid on this? More...


Family companies and auto-enrolment

You might be the only director of your company or perhaps your spouse and other family members help control it. Whatever the situation you need to consider if auto-enrolment applies. What’s the position for your family company? More...


No cash to pay the IHT bill - no problem!

In these days of high property prices, if you’re administering an estate you can easily find yourself not having enough cash available to pay the inheritance tax (IHT) bill and not be able to obtain probate. How can you get around this? More...


Taking advantage of the general margin scheme

As a general rule, registered businesses can reclaim the VAT paid on purchases and must charge it on the price of items they sell. However, different rules can apply if the items were second hand. What’s the position? More...


HMRC changes bank


Class 2 NI payers forced into self-assessment

Last updated: 07.08.2020

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