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Good news for VW drivers

The scandal involving VW has left company car drivers and their employers worried over extra tax and NI charges. What’s the full story? More...


Private residence relief - the latest

A serial property investor who lived two months in a property which he later sold for a profit was refused private residence relief (PRR) by HMRC. He appealed to the tribunal. What was the outcome and why is this case important? More...


Can you avoid the ER cash trap?

Sheltering profit in a company is fine, but keeping it in cash or investments can jeopardise entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) when you come to sell or wind up the business. Why and what steps can you take to avoid this happening? More...


Avoiding the tax relief trap on buy-to-let loans

To avoid the loss of tax relief on loan interest you’re considering using a company to enter into the buy-to-let market. However, a colleague says this will mean extra tax charges compared with personally owning properties. Is he right? More...


New payrolling benefits system - is it worth using?

HMRC has opened registration of its new payrolling benefits system. As the name suggests, payrolling allows employers to collect PAYE tax on perks through their payroll. Is this something you should consider? More...


When can you claim fall in value relief?

As share prices suffer because of China’s shifting economy your wealth on paper might have fallen, but for others it could cost real money in the form of inheritance tax (IHT). What’s the problem and how can a special tax relief help you dodge it? More...


What’s the (VAT) deal on promotional items?

You want to run a promotion which involves a free gift when customers spend more than a certain amount. As yet you’ve not decided what the gift will be. How is the VAT position affected by the type of gift you offer? More...


No more tax relief for subsistence?


HMRC loses share scheme returns

Last updated: 07.08.2020

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