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Scottish tax and your employees

The Scottish rate of income tax (SRIT) comes into force on 6 April 2016. As an employer how might it affect you? More...


Last chance to top up your pension

From October 2015 the government is offering some people a limited opportunity to top up their state pension. Who does the offer apply to and is it worth going for? More...


Using deferral relief to cut your tax bill

You’re thinking of selling a rental property to take advantage of the recent growth in the market, but the resulting capital gains tax bill is putting you off. How can investing some of the sale proceeds reduce it? More...


Has HMRC short changed you on tax relief?

In April 2013 a general limit on certain tax reliefs was introduced. HMRC now accepts it has applied the limit incorrectly in some situations and as a result may have deprived some taxpayers of tax refunds. What’s the full story? More...


Do you understand your employee share scheme?

An employer’s misunderstanding of its staff share scheme nearly cost a former employee a fortune in extra tax. In the end the employee avoided the extra tax, but the employer might not be so lucky. What lessons can be learned? More...


Claim business expenses tax and NI efficiently

You can reimburse employees for the costs they incur in using personally-owned equipment for work, e.g. a laptop and printer. Calculating how much to pay is fiddly so can you give them a flat rate allowance instead? More...


An entertaining tax case with an important message

In June 2015 a tribunal ruled that a business was entitled to reclaim VAT on entertainment costs. This seems contrary to the longstanding rule that says VAT recovery for this type of expense is blocked. Is this a loophole you can exploit? More...


New NI exemption for 2016/17


Deadline for paper forms

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