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100% capital allowances extended for green cars

In his 2016 Budget the Chancellor announced that the capital allowances (CA) tax break for low emission company cars will continue, but subject to tougher limitations. How should you plan your vehicle purchases to maximise tax relief? More...


Choosing the right car (for capital allowances)

The rate of capital allowances (CAs) you can claim for cars used in your business varies between 8% per year to 100% of their cost. That can make a big difference to your tax bill. What steps can you take to achieve maximum tax efficiency? More...


Changes ahead for CAs on company cars

Next April will see two changes to the CO2 bands which determine the rate of capital allowances (CAs) you can claim for the cost of company cars. What are these and are they really worth worrying about? More...


Tax saving scheme with a sting in the tail

On advice from his accountant a business associate set up a tax-saving structure linking his company with a partnership. But now the first year’s accounts have been prepared it looks like he’s missed a capital allowance tax break. What is it? More...


Separate company strategy for company cars

Tough new rules mean that your company will have to wait over a decade to get its tax relief on the cost of a company car. But we’ve applied some lateral thinking and come up with a cunning plan. Will it work for you? More...


Balancing allowance preserved by private use

Tax relief on business cars has been hammered since April 2009. It’s now being spread over more than 20 years. But there’s an exception to this rule. What is it and can you use it to your advantage? More...


Taxman’s double trouble on pick-ups

Until recently, there had been confusion on whether a pick-up is a car or a van for tax purposes. Why does this matter and what’s changed? More...


Buy now, save later

A colleague has told you that now is the best time to trade in your company car and get a new one. He says that if you don’t you will lose out on a valuable tax break for your company. Is there something you should be doing? More...


Taxman queries 100% deduction

On your tax return you’ve claimed a 100% deduction for the cost of a car believing that it qualified as a low emissions vehicle. Now the Taxman is querying this aspect of your tax return. What should you do? More...


Taxman funds car purchase!

You’ve heard that you can actually get the Taxman to fund the purchase of a new car, through a clever manipulation of the rules for awarding tax credits. What’s the full story here? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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