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Gifts, capital allowances and tax-free money

One of our subscribers, the sole director shareholder of a company, asked us if she could claim a tax deduction for the new furniture her partner recently bought as a gift for her home office. What’s the answer? More...


Are you losing out on tax relief for plant?

When you buy machinery for use in your business you can claim tax relief in the form of capital allowances (CAs). You can also claim CAs for “plant”. But what exactly is this? More...


The tax pros and cons of an office in the garden

Instead of using the already limited space in your home for an office, you’re considering creating an outbuilding in your garden. What sort of tax relief will you be entitled to on the cost of the structure and its running costs? More...


How soon can you claim a tax deduction for equipment?

There are special rules which allow you to claim tax relief on the cost of equipment. But if all you have is a pile of raw materials to make and install the equipment, are you entitled to any tax deduction at all? More...


How to claim capital allowances while not trading

Until your company starts to trade it can’t claim tax relief on the cost of equipment it uses for its business. But where do you stand if you stop trading and restart a while later? Can the Taxman restrict the allowances you can claim? More...


Tax deductions for buying a franchise

Whether you’re aiming to expand or are just starting out, buying into a tried and tested business model through a franchise can improve your chances of success. But will the Taxman allow you a deduction for your investment? More...


Capital allowances on gifts

A subscriber recently posed a question regarding tax relief on equipment. She was using her brand new top-of-the-range computer for business, but it hadn’t cost her anything. So how much tax relief could she claim on zero cost? More...


Deduction for a website, 2008/9 style

Many SMEs have a website, if only to provide a national presence or allow customers to check them out before placing an order. This can be costly to set up and maintain. So what’s the best way to get a tax deduction for all this? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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