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Is your tax return valid?

The First-tier Tribunal recently considered whether a tax return submitted voluntarily gave HMRC its usual rights to investigate the figures. Where do you stand if HMRC asks questions about a return you sent voluntarily? More...


Self-assessment scaled down

“Simple assessment” has arrived and with it HMRC’s plan to cut the number of tax returns it issues. How might this affect you? More...


Closing a company - do you need to file a return?

A company you set up didn’t work out and you now want to shut it down. The trouble is up-to-date accounts haven’t been prepared. Will HMRC insist you submit the accounts and tax return even though there’s no profit to report? More...


Trouble with HMRC’s tax calculations


HMRC’s new powers to demand tax

New rules are being introduced to allow HMRC to issue enforceable tax assessments. When will these take effect and in what situations will they be used? More...


Class 2 NI payers forced into self-assessment


2014/15 tax checks have started

HMRC has started checking to make sure those who pay tax through PAYE have paid enough for 2014/15. That’s good news if you’re due a refund, but where do you stand if you owe the Taxman? More...


Mortgages - proving your income


HMRC’s latest digital revolution

To coincide with the new tax year HMRC has launched new digital services. What are they and who can use them? More...


A low key Budget

There was no big pre-election giveaway in the Budget, but some intriguing changes were announced. How might these affect you? More...
Last updated: 23.08.2019

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