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The other deadline - IR35


Responsibility for IR35 changes


Can HMRC come after you personally for IR35 tax?

The First-tier Tribunal has ruled that a contract between a presenter’s company and the BBC was caught by IR35. If the company can’t pay the resulting PAYE bill, can HMRC demand it from the directors instead? More...


Don’t get taxed twice on the same income

IR35 applies to some of your company’s income and so PAYE tax and NI has to be accounted for on a deemed payment of salary. The trouble is that you’ve also drawn the income as dividends. How can you avoid being taxed twice? More...


IR35 PAYE deadline


Are you claiming enough IR35 deductions?

During a business records check a tax inspector told one of our subscribers that he wasn’t claiming sufficient tax deductions from IR35 income. Apparently, it’s a common problem. What exactly are you entitled to claim? More...


Don’t miss the IR35 deadline

Last updated: 04.06.2020

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