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Benefits - who’s responsible for reporting them?

As an employer you have until 6 July 2018 to report benefits you provided to your employees in 2017/18. You might also have to report benefits for someone else’s employees. When does this apply and what does it entail? More...


Forms P11D - cut down on form filling


New payrolling benefits system - is it worth using?

HMRC has opened registration of its new payrolling benefits system. As the name suggests, payrolling allows employers to collect PAYE tax on perks through their payroll. Is this something you should consider? More...


HMRC bungles P11D notices

A glitch in HMRC’s software has led to problems with 2014/15 P11Ds. This could leave employers vulnerable to penalties. What’s the full story? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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