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Tax dos and don’ts of employing casual workers

When you employ casual labour for a short period you need to take special care when agreeing and processing their pay. A mistake could leave you on the wrong end of a tax and NI bill. What steps should you take to avoid this? More...


New student loan limits


Good news on CIS deductions

HMRC has revised its practice in relation to claims for refunds of construction industry scheme (CIS) deductions. What’s changed and how might this affect your company? More...


HMRC warns employers over student loans


2014/15 tax checks have started

HMRC has started checking to make sure those who pay tax through PAYE have paid enough for 2014/15. That’s good news if you’re due a refund, but where do you stand if you owe the Taxman? More...


Don’t get caught for your employees’ tax bills

If your payroll clerk makes an error that results in an employee not paying enough tax, HMRC can use its powers to make you liable for the underpayment. What steps can you take to reduce the risk of this happening? More...


New restriction on tax collection

Last updated: 06.12.2019

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