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When are tax and NI payable on a director’s bonus?

Your company did well in its first year of trading and so you decided to vote yourself a bonus. The second year was less successful, and there’s now not enough cash to pay the bonus, but will HMRC still expect the PAYE tax and NI? More...


Timing a director’s bonus tax efficiently

Your company has made a decent profit this year and the directors want to pay themselves a bonus. To get an early tax deduction, these must be paid within a specified time, but this will trigger large PAYE bills. How can you defer these? More...


Directors and redundancy payments

A colleague has told you that because of the slowdown in the economy he’s going to have to close down his company. The silver lining is that if he makes himself redundant he can collect £30,000 tax-free. What’s the full story here? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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