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When the VATman changes his mind

If you’ve ever asked for or been given guidance by HMRC on how to handle a VAT problem it makes sense to follow it. But where do you stand if the VATman then changes his mind and demands VAT from you? More...


Overturning a VAT assessment or decision

Your quarterly returns have always run like clockwork, but a visit from HMRC has resulted in a demand for further VAT. You don’t agree with this, but what steps can you take to overturn it without running up a massive accountants’ bill? More...


Taxman trying to cash in on accruals

One of our subscribers recently received a routine VAT inspection. The Taxman found nothing wrong with the records but issued an assessment because the VAT returns didn’t tie up with the company’s accounts. What was the problem? More...


Paying VAT security demands

If your business goes under owing VAT and you want to start up a new venture, the Taxman may demand a security deposit before he will let you trade. But is he right to do so? More...


Paying a central assessment

If, for some reason, you fail to send in your VAT return, the VATman will issue a central assessment for a specified amount. If this looks to be less than your actual liability what should you do? More...
Last updated: 23.08.2019

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