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When can and should you use a company share buy-back?

The co-director and shareholder of your company wants to leave and sell their shares. You can’t raise the cash to buy them out. They have suggested a company share buy-back. Is this something worth considering? More...


Accessing capital growth tax efficiently

Your company is well enough established that you can consider withdrawing some of the accumulated capital. What are your options for doing this and which is the most tax efficient? More...


Tax-efficient structuring of share buy-back

You’re planning to exit your company (it will buy your shares) and start out on your own. The normal strategy is to ask HMRC to treat this transaction as liable to capital gains tax (CGT), but might there be a cheaper option? More...


Sell your shares back to your company for less tax

You’re parting ways with your family company and leaving it to the next generation. The plan is for your company to buy your shares and for tax reasons ask HMRC to treat it as a capital transaction. But might there be a better option? More...


Tax-efficient share buybacks

HMRC has issued new guidance to companies where they purchase their own shares. It includes useful tax-saving advice for married couples who both own shares in the same company. What’s the full story? More...


A slow, but tax-efficient, way to sell your shares

You’re retiring soon and your fellow shareholders want to buy you out. The trouble is they don’t have the cash and paying you in dribs and drabs will cost you extra tax. How can you get your money out tax efficiently? More...


How to buy out a colleague tax efficiently

After a difference of opinion on the future of your company your co-director has agreed to sell her shares to you. You’ve arrived at a fair price, but the trouble is you now have to find the cash. What’s the most tax-efficient way to do this? More...


Share buy-backs - rejecting capital treatment

If you’re intending to sell your shares back to the issuing company, it’s usual to ask the Taxman to apply Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to the sale rather than income tax. But is this always the best option and do you have a choice anyway? More...


Selling your shares back to the company

You’ve decided to retire and sell your shares in the family company, but neither the family nor the company can afford to buy you out all at once. Yet if you sell in stages you’ll pay more tax. How can you sell and keep your tax bill down? More...


Tax efficient company share purchase

Where you sell your shares back to your company you can ask the Taxman to apply the Capital Gains Tax rates instead of the less generous ones for income tax. This can save you a bundle in tax, but if he refuses is it all bad news? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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