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Accurate bookkeeping saves tax!

Correctly recording transactions in your business records is always important but especially so for expenditure on buildings and equipment. How can accurate bookkeeping save you tax? More...


Improve your leased premises tax efficiently

You want to make improvements to your business premises. The landlord has agreed as long as he approves the work first. It includes the installation of fixtures to the building. Who’s entitled to the tax deduction for these? More...


Capital allowances for HMO landlords

You let a property to several students. It brings in a decent income on which you pay tax. A friend tells you that you can reduce this by claiming a tax deduction relating to the “common areas”. Is this something you’ve been missing out on? More...


Landlords: how to use capital allowances wisely

Special rules exist for tax deductions for the cost of equipment used in property rental businesses. Anecdotal evidence suggests that landlords are missing out on these. What tax allowances are available to you? More...


Buildings and structures allowance

The government has published draft legislation for the new structures and buildings allowance (SBA). While it confirms earlier announcements, there are one or two surprises. How much tax relief can you expect? More...


Rental income tax deductions you might be overlooking

Landlords of residential properties are now facing tough restrictions on tax relief for borrowing, so there’s all the more reason to maximise other let property tax reliefs. What hidden deductions might you be missing out on? More...


Property renovation tax break - get it before it’s gone

You’ve one last chance to get your hands on a special tax break; business premises renovation allowance (BPRA) runs out in April 2017. What must you do before then to qualify for this generous tax relief? More...


Time is running short for BPRA claims


Can you claim capital allowances for a building?

Last year you spent over £2,000 on an outside shelter for employees who smoke. However, your accountant is reluctant to claim a tax deduction for this. Why, and what can you do to change his mind? More...


Equipment in buildings - the new capital allowance rules

From April the rules changed for claiming capital allowances (CAs) on plant and machinery included in a building. Property buyers in particular need to take care or they could lose their right to claim a tax deduction. What’s the full story? More...
Last updated: 12.12.2019

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