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Company income - time for year-end tax planning

As a director shareholder of your company you’re in a good position to arrange your income for maximum tax efficiency. Now that the end of 2019/20 is in sight what can you do to achieve this? More...


Structuring your income tax efficiently for 2018/19

As a director shareholder of a company you have more opportunities than most to organise your income tax affairs efficiently. With that in mind, and as a new tax year starts on 6 April, how should you approach it? More...


Use your company resources for personal profit

You have the opportunity to make some money from a one-off venture. While your company will do the work and receive payment it, you want to take a share of the profit rather than as salary. Can you do this? More...


Last minute income tax planning for directors

You organise your income to stay within the basic rate tax band if you can, but as the 2016/17 tax year ends soon, that doesn’t leave much time for tax planning. What steps can you take to avoid or reduce the tax payable at the higher rate? More...


Salary sacrifice still safe for directors

From April 2017 some types of salary sacrifice scheme for employees will cease to be tax efficient. But can directors escape the new rules? More...


Salary sacrifice is not an option

While salary sacrifice is a valuable tax planning tool, since April 2016 it can’t be used in some situations. HMRC has warned employers that doing so puts them at risk of penalties. What’s the full story? More...


Good reasons to pay yourself a salary in 2015/16

The new tax year starts on 6 April 2015 and with it comes a rise in personal tax-free allowances and NI limits. How do these and other factors affect the level of salary you should take from your company? More...


How to shift income to your children (successfully)

Giving your children shares in your company can provide them with income for the future. The trouble is anti-avoidance rules mean you’ll have to pick up the tax bill for it. So is it something worth considering? More...


Setting your remuneration package for 2014/15

We now know the NI limits for the next tax year as well as the tax-free allowances and rate bands. If you want to set your salary for optimum tax efficiency what figure should you be aiming at? More...


How to make tax efficient one-off payments

The office space at work needs a lick of paint, and to keep costs down you’ve decided to do it yourself. Your fellow directors are happy with the arrangement and have agreed to pay you a little extra. Does this have to go through the payroll? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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