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Is writing off a director’s loan a tax-efficient option?

At the end of your company’s last financial year your director’s loan account was in the red. Your accountant has suggested writing off what you owe to avoid a charge on the company, but is this the most tax-efficient option? More...


Last minute remuneration for 2018/19

With the end of the tax year just a few weeks away you might be planning to draw extra salary or dividends from your company to maximise tax efficiency. What steps must you take to ensure payment falls in the right tax year? More...


Income tax planning for older directors

You’re about to reach state pension age but have no intention of giving up running your company. As you’ll no longer have to pay NI contributions on salary should you start taking more of it and less in dividends? More...


Realising tax-free cash from your assets

You need a little extra cash. You could take it from your company which has a healthy bank balance, but this usually means more tax and possibly NI. Is there a way to get cash from your company and avoid tax and NI altogether? More...


Family companies - spread the profit tax efficiently

You started a company a few years ago and it’s doing well. A friend has suggested you give some shares in it to your young children. You’re thinking of going ahead, but how should you go about it to avoid trouble with HMRC? More...


Structuring your income tax efficiently for 2018/19

As a director shareholder of a company you have more opportunities than most to organise your income tax affairs efficiently. With that in mind, and as a new tax year starts on 6 April, how should you approach it? More...


Tax on directors’ salary, dividends and perks

The taxation of dividends and benefits in kind has changed significantly in recent times. So if you’re considering taking more income from your company, which should you choose for maximum tax efficiency? More...


Will one-man companies still be tax efficient in 2016/17?

If you run your business through a company which pays you dividends you might be better or worse off in tax terms from 6 April 2016. We’ve crunched the numbers and arrived at some surprising results. Will you be a winner or loser? More...


Celebrity tax avoidance

Yet another TV celebrity is being criticised for using a tax-saving scheme. What’s involved, is it legitimate and might it be something worth considering? More...


Can you change your mind about dividends?

A tribunal had to decide if HMRC was right to sue two directors for the tax and NI their company owed. Its ruling highlighted why it’s important to get things right first time when drawing income from your company. What’s the whole story? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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