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Remuneration planning for subsidiaries

You’re planning the remuneration package for the directors of two new subsidiaries of your company. What should you be considering to maximise tax and NI efficiency? More...


Tax-efficient rewards for multiple directorships

As an alternative to salary or dividends, benefits in kind are a potentially tax-efficient option for directors, especially those of multiple companies. What’s the advantage and when can you use it? More...


Should you or your company pay your nanny?

You want to employ a nanny. Normally this would mean registering with HMRC as an employer, with all that this entails. Could you instead add them to your company’s payroll? If so, what would the tax, NI and other consequences be? More...


Tax on directors’ salary, dividends and perks

The taxation of dividends and benefits in kind has changed significantly in recent times. So if you’re considering taking more income from your company, which should you choose for maximum tax efficiency? More...


Putting personal expenses through the company

You son, who’s at university, wants you to pay for his driving lessons. It will cost around £1,000 to get him through his test. Would putting it through your company be a cheaper and more tax-efficient option than paying for it personally? More...


Dividends v benefits in kind

Your company is doing well and so you plan to increase what you take from it. The question is, what’s the most tax-efficient way to do it? Usually dividends are the best option, but might there be a more tax-efficient alternative? More...


Choosing the right salary sacrifice

Taking benefits in kind instead of salary can save you tax and your company NI. To get the best outcome you need to tailor the arrangement to fit your financial circumstances. But is this type of scheme always tax efficient? More...


Tax-efficient property improvements

Where your company pays for improvements to property which you own, this counts as a taxable benefit for you even if the business occupies and uses the building. How can you defer and possibly reduce the tax bill? More...


A fair exchange is no robbery

A potential customer says they’d like to do business but can’t afford your prices. They suggest an exchange of services. Is this something you should consider, and if so, could there be a tax advantage? More...


Funding a contribution to save tax on cars

With the new higher rates of tax edging nearer we’re all looking for ways to dodge the increases. Paying yourself extra dividend income may seem an odd way to lower your tax bill, but what if you use it towards the cost of a new car? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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