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Limitless pension contributions

While getting your business off the ground you neglected your pension savings. You want to make up for it now but your advisor tells you that the annual contribution limits will prevent this. Is there a way around them? More...


HMRC pension relief calculator fails


annual allowance warnings issued


The pensions annual allowance trap

A couple of years ago you paid £50,000 into a pension and claimed the tax relief. This made use of your annual allowance, but HMRC says that a little-known rule means you weren’t entitled to it. What is it referring to? More...


Pension savings limit reduced


Pension lump sums and PAYE loopholes

Pensions freedom provides new ways to take lump sums, as long as you’re at least 55. The tax you’ll pay is determined by the usual rules, but they are hazy about the timing. How can you make this work in your favour? More...


Will the new lower annual allowance apply to you?

After 5 April 2015 anyone aged 55 plus will have freedom to access their pension savings. However, new anti-avoidance rules can restrict tax relief if they make further pension contributions later. What effect will the new rules have? More...


Stretching the Taxman’s pension limits

From April this year the annual limit for tax relief on pension contributions was slashed. As a quid pro quo the Taxman allows you to bring forward any unused limit from the previous three years. But is there a way you can stretch this further? More...


Can you afford not to take a salary?

It can take some time before a new company has enough income to be able to afford to pay its directors. This can mean losing out on tax and NI advantages. But is there a way to achieve these without the company having to actually pay you? More...


Protect your pension

The FT is recommending you should act now to protect your pension pot from high tax charges. Does this apply to you, and if it does, what should you do? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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