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Tax-efficient rewards for multiple directorships

As an alternative to salary or dividends, benefits in kind are a potentially tax-efficient option for directors, especially those of multiple companies. What’s the advantage and when can you use it? More...


Trivial perks NI trap


Don’t miss the Class 1A NI deadline


Saving NI on benefits in kind

As a general rule, the cost of NI on benefits in kind (BiKs) is less than that on salary etc. But in some situations the opposite is true. When can you take advantage of this? More...


Reversing an NI charge on benefits

Where a director or employee is taxed on a benefit in kind (BiK), an NI charge also applies. The tax is reduced to nil if they reimburse the cost of providing the benefit, but HMRC says the NI bill stands. Is this right? More...


Nine million NI payments gone astray

The Taxman has £1.2 billion of unallocated NI. If some of this is yours, it might reduce the state pension you can claim. Should you be worried? More...


Avoiding class 1 contributions on expenses payments

Some of our subscribers have told us that following recent PAYE inspections the Taxman is demanding NI on expenses payments to employees. Is this correct? And if so, what steps can be taken to avoid the problem? More...


Pay your spouse tax and NI-free for extra benefits!

It’s not often the Taxman offers something for nothing, but there are some free benefits to be had by paying your spouse even a low salary from your business. What are they? More...


Membership of a golf club

Can your company pay for your golf club membership without any tax consequences for you? According to one of your colleagues it can. Too good to be true? What’s the full story here? More...


Targeted vouchers

A colleague says he increases productivity and promotes initiatives by rewarding his staff with gift vouchers. What’s the full story here? Is there really a tax saving to be had? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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