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Relocating home using your company’s cash

In some circumstances a business can pay the home relocation costs of employees or directors tax and NI free. This can include providing low or interest-free loans. What are the conditions for this exemption and how long can it apply? More...


Is paying interest on a loan from your company tax efficient?

Where you borrow money from your company it counts as a taxable perk. The tax can be avoided by paying interest on the loan, but is it tax efficient or are you better off taking the tax hit? More...


HMRC’s official interest rate falls


What’s the latest on directors’ loans?

In September 2016 HMRC updated its Directors’ Loan Accounts Toolkit. Are there changes that might cause trouble for you or your company? More...


A tax-efficient loan to buy your business premises

If you’re repaying a personal bank loan that was used to buy your company’s business premises, you’re entitled to tax relief on the interest you pay. But what’s the most tax and NI-efficient method of claiming this? More...


Time to plan your year-end bonus?

Borrowing from your company can result in it having to pay extra tax, but it can be avoided if you repay the debt within a set time period. What steps can you take to make sure repaying what you owe is as tax efficient as possible? More...


A tax-saving tip for company loans

The personal tax cost of borrowing from your company is currently quite low. However, when the time comes to repay the loan there’s a neat trick you can use to reduce it further. What is it and how does it work? More...


HMRC cuts official rate of interest


How far can you stretch a tax-free loan?

From April directors can borrow more from their company without being taxed. The downside is that the company still faces a tax bill. As a director how can you take advantage of the new tax break without your company being hit? More...


Can you save money with a director’s loan?

With all the fuss over HMRC’s new anti-avoidance rules for loans to director/shareholders, are you overlooking the most important point? Can borrowing from your company still be a tax and cost-efficient benefit in kind? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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