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The “not so simple” taxation of Bitcoin

Your student son has started using Bitcoin. Now he tells you he’s done quite nicely buying and selling. So to prove you’re older and wiser, is there some good advice you can give him about the tax consequences? More...


Investing in another company tax efficiently

One of your friends is looking for investors in his company and has offered you shares in it. You’re going to buy them, but is it more tax efficient for you to do so through your own company or personally? More...


HMRC sets out rules for digital money

The growing use of cyber money has forced HMRC to issue a statement regarding the tax effects for businesses and individuals. If you make a transaction in a currency other than sterling, what are the tax consequences? More...


Gold, silver, bronze and other prizes

No doubt the medals won in the Olympic Games are preciously guarded, at least for now, but in years to come many will become collectibles. What’s the tax position if you buy or sell sporting or other memorabilia? More...


Tax break on qualifying policies still available

This year’s Budget included a surprising move to limit the amount you can invest in qualifying life assurance policies. But if you haven’t come across these tax-advantaged investments before, are they still worth bothering with? More...


A gilt-edged and tax-free investment

Gold is still the investment of choice for many. But if you want to get in on the act, what’s the best option to keep the Taxman from sharing in your profit. Should you buy Sovereigns, Krugerrands, bullion or just shares in a gold mine? More...


A new home for your investments?

One of our subscribers asked whether the falling Corporation Tax rate compared to the recently increased income and Capital Gains Tax rates can make a company a tax shelter for investments. What’s the answer? More...


Converting income into capital gains

Tax and financial advisors are working hard on ways to escape the new higher rates of income tax that will apply from next April. These include ideas to make use of lower Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rates. Is this something you should consider? More...


Personal or company investments?

Your company has some spare cash that you were planning to withdraw and personally invest in quoted shares. But a colleague has suggested that your company could make that investment itself. Is there a tax advantage here? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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