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Tax-efficient ways to cash in an insurance bond

Insurance bonds are popular investments, but if you pay tax at higher rates when you encash them it can result in a large tax bill. The good news is there are simple and legitimate tricks you can use to avoid that. How do they work? More...


A tax break involving pension contributions and bonds

Tax relief for pension contributions depends on the rate of tax you pay. You would think, therefore, that the maximum would be 45%. But paying an extra premium at the right time can save you a lot more. When and how much? More...


Bonds - the double tax trap every investor should know

Drawing cash from an insurance bond can mean paying tax, even where it’s made a loss. What’s more, the special tax relief designed to correct this often doesn’t work. Are there steps you can take to avoid these traps? More...


Escaping your (investment) bonds tax efficiently

Investment bonds can be very tax-efficient, especially for higher rate and older investors. But if you need some of your money back quickly you could land yourself in the “partial surrender” tax trap. How can you avoid this? More...


Cashing in an investment the right way to save tax

Cashing in an investment can result in a big tax hit, as one of our subscribers discovered. Would the well established ploy of using so-called top slicing relief save tax, or could they do better? More...


ISAs aren’t the only tax-free savings in town

If you didn’t use up your full ISA quota for 2009/10 by April 5, it’s lost forever. But waiting in the wings is an alternative tax-free investment that most people overlook. What is it? More...


Using a bond to leapfrog higher tax rates

Finally, the much talked about 50% rate is here and it looks like we’ll be stuck with it for a while. But assuming that tax rates will fall in future, is there a way to ride out the higher rate storm until that time comes? More...


5% a year tax-free

The tax advantage of investment bonds is one of the tips for change in next spring’s Budget. Are there tax savings still to be had from this type of investment? If so, what, if anything, should you be doing about it? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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