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New accounting rules and tax on investments

New accounting standards apply from 2015 and one of our subscribers wanted to know if they would change the tax treatment of income produced by offshore insurance bonds. Specifically, can companies still use them to defer tax? More...


Escaping your (investment) bonds tax efficiently

Investment bonds can be very tax-efficient, especially for higher rate and older investors. But if you need some of your money back quickly you could land yourself in the “partial surrender” tax trap. How can you avoid this? More...


Cashing in an investment the right way to save tax

Cashing in an investment can result in a big tax hit, as one of our subscribers discovered. Would the well established ploy of using so-called top slicing relief save tax, or could they do better? More...


Investment bonds: a tax trap

You have been holding on to an investment bond for some years and until recently it has performed well. Your business needs cash and drawing on the bond seems like a good plan. But what are the tax consequences? More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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