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New intestacy rules and the IHT consequences

If you’ve been given the job of sorting out the estate of someone who died without a will, you’ll need to know about the intestacy rules as they can lead to unexpected IHT bills. What steps can you take to reduce or avoid them? More...


Variation not compensation

A recent case highlighted a little known trap when using deeds of variation for Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning. If you fall into it you could lose any tax advantage and create an administrative nightmare. So how can you avoid it? More...


The reversible tax plan

We’ve covered the value of a deed of variation of a will or intestacy before. However, if this isn’t going to have the desired tax effect that you envisaged, is there a simple way to get out of this situation? More...


Variation on a theme

A recent case emphasised the role of deeds of variation in estate Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning, particularly where the husband and wife jointly own property. What do you need to have in place to benefit? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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