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IHT-free holiday homes

In a recent case the tribunal ruled on whether a holiday home rented to the public qualified for Inheritance Tax business property relief (BPR). What was the outcome and what pointers on claiming BPR can you glean from the ruling? More...


IHT payable on money that’s not yours!

In an important case the Taxman successfully argued that someone should pay IHT on the value of a pension fund without getting a penny from it. Why, and what steps can you take to avoid this trap? More...


Making good IHT use of your income

You know that to save your beneficiaries from paying IHT it’s important to plan ahead. You can give away £3,000 every year without it creating a tax problem. But is there a way to give more and still get one over the Taxman? More...


The reversible tax plan

We’ve covered the value of a deed of variation of a will or intestacy before. However, if this isn’t going to have the desired tax effect that you envisaged, is there a simple way to get out of this situation? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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