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Don’t let business property relief disappear

Business property relief shelters the value of your business from the Taxman. The trouble is when you retire from your unincorporated business the relief disappears immediately. How can you preserve it? More...


Borrowing for your business - avoiding an IHT trap

If you were to die while owning a business, its value, while part of your estate, can qualify for relief from inheritance tax (IHT). But the relief might be eroded if you’ve borrowed money to fund the business. Is there a way to avoid this trap? More...


Passing on the family company tax efficiently

Inheritance tax (IHT) business property relief (BPR) can prevent unwelcome consequences of passing your business on to the next generation. It can also be used to improve the overall IHT position of your estate. What’s involved? More...


Is there inheritance tax relief for rental businesses?

A taxpayer has defied the odds and successfully argued at the tax tribunal that a furnished holiday letting business qualifies for inheritance tax relief. Does the decision mean your own letting business is more likely to qualify? More...


Immediate IHT relief for company owner managers

You started your company with share capital plus a loan. There’s no prospect of the loan being repaid soon and so your accountant has suggested it’s converted to share capital for tax efficiency reasons. What are the tax advantages? More...


Is your business loan an IHT time-bomb?

Several years ago you borrowed money which you then lent to your company. Your accountant has told you that it should repay you to avoid an IHT trap. What’s the problem? More...


Boost your BPR

Passing your business on to your beneficiaries when you die will usually escape inheritance tax (IHT). But unless it’s done the right way they could be missing out on an extra tax saving. How can you make sure they don’t lose out? More...


Business property relief for cars and more

If you have the unenviable job of putting together a list of assets for someone who’s died, it’s important to identify those to which business property relief might apply. What sort of things should you be looking for? More...


Can investments held in your business qualify for BPR?

A colleague tells you that he’s moved his personal investments into his company because it will mean if the worst happens to him they’ll escape inheritance tax. It sounds too good to be true, but is he right? More...


Transferring your company - when is BPR lost?

You’ve built up a business from scratch and now it’s time for the family to take over the reins. Business property relief (BPR) usually prevents IHT from being payable on the transfer, but it’s easily lost. How can you avoid this trap? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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