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IHT break

Your parents are selling up and retiring to a life in the sun. They can escape UK income and capital gains tax from the day they leave, but their estate remains subject to IHT for three more years. Can they avoid this trap? More...


Freezing an estate for IHT

You’re trying to help your parents with their IHT planning. The trouble is that they want to keep access to their capital in case they need it for, say, nursing home fees. Could a family loan be the solution? More...


IHT-exempt gifts

You want to maximise your inheritance tax gifts-out-of-income exemption before the tax year ends in a couple of weeks. How much can you give away and must you make the gift by 5 April? More...


Gifts - two tax breaks for the price of one

Naturally, you’ll want to pass your wealth on to your kids, but simply piling money into savings while they are under 18 comes with nasty tax consequences. Conversely, one type of gift actually comes with tax perks; what is it? More...


Don’t blow your annual IHT allowance on the young

It’s nice to be generous, especially if, as a side effect, your estate will pay less in Inheritance Tax. Giving to the youngsters in your family might do the trick, but can you stop them from blowing the cash without scuppering the tax advantage? More...


Don’t miss the deadline for IHT planning

In a little over a month the 2011/12 tax year ends and some Inheritance Tax (IHT) exemptions will be lost if you haven’t used them by then. What are these, and what steps can you take to ensure you get the most out of them? More...


DIY IHT loan plan

As the 2010/11 tax year draws to a close you realise that now is the time to make use of your IHT annual exemption. But this will only chip away at the potentially massive IHT bill on your estate. Can making a loan boost your tax saving? More...


Generous gift or an IHT trap?

As the tax year draws to a close one of our subscribers wanted to make some gifts to use up his Inheritance Tax (IHT) annual exemptions. We reckoned he may have overstepped the mark with his generosity. Why? More...


Being generous saves tax

For Inheritance Tax there are some simple annual “use it or lose it” exemptions. What are these, and how can you make sure you take full advantage of them before the current tax year ends on April 5 2008? More...


A time for gifts

Each tax year you get an allowance that enables you to permanently move money out of reach of the Taxman’s Inheritance Tax regime. As it’s now the last quarter of the 2006/7 tax year what should you be doing? More...
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