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HMRC’s tax calculations - warning may contain errors!

HMRC has recently sent out its tax calculation Forms P800 and PA302 for 2017/18. According to reports, a higher than usual number of these contain errors. If you’ve received a tax calculation what should you be checking? More...


Trouble with HMRC’s tax calculations


Errors in HMRC’s tax calculations

Reports are coming in of fundamental errors in HMRC’s P800 tax calculations for 2015/16. What problems should you be looking out for? More...


HMRC’s new powers to demand tax

New rules are being introduced to allow HMRC to issue enforceable tax assessments. When will these take effect and in what situations will they be used? More...


Errors in HMRC tax statements

HMRC has confirmed that some of its recently issued statements of 2013/14 tax liability contain errors. What steps should you take if you’ve received one? More...


HMRC starts tax calculations process

Around 5.5 million people will receive tax calculations, P800s, between now and October. Will you be sent a letter and what should you do if you receive one? More...


Tax calculations are on the way

Last year the Taxman was forced to write off millions in tax because of blunders he made. Bills for 2010/11 are on the way; can you expect a repeat performance? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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