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Shifting value in the family company

Your company’s main shareholder is retiring. While he no longer needs dividends from the business, he wants to keep his shares so that he retains control. How can you achieve this without running into Inheritance Tax (IHT) problems? More...


Husbands and wives not associated (for tax)

Following announcements in its Emergency Budget the government has now revealed the new rules it intends to introduce. These include a proposal that can slice a large chunk off a family company’s tax bill. What’s the full story? More...


Pay your spouse tax and NI-free for extra benefits!

It’s not often the Taxman offers something for nothing, but there are some free benefits to be had by paying your spouse even a low salary from your business. What are they? More...


Tax back on £25,000

A recent announcement by the Taxman of his intention to counter large scale anti-avoidance is actually a reminder of how you could support your spouse in their own business and save yourself tax. How’s it done? More...


Problems with the District Valuer

The use of a March 1982 valuation in a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) computation will usually trigger a referral by the Taxman to the District Valuer (DV). Can you rely on the DV to deal with this quickly and honestly? More...
Last updated: 16.09.2019

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