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Staff gifts - being generous but reducing your cost

Your accountant says you that should consider making Christmas gifts to your employees this summer rather than in December. He says this could reduce the cost to you by a third or more. Can different timing really make a difference? More...


Tax and Christmas gifts

It’s that time of year where you’re faced with the chore of buying seasonal gifts. The tax and VAT treatment depends on the value of the gift and who it’s for. Gifts can be tax efficient, but how can you ensure that they are? More...


Is tax payable on a festive gift to you or your company?

One of your generous customers added a little extra when they paid their latest bill and asked you to treat your team to a Christmas drink or two. Will tax and NI have to be paid on this? More...


Personal use of your company’s buying power

Where your company buys or makes something and later gives it to you, this can trigger stiff tax charges. But is there a way you can use your company’s buying power to save money on purchases and dodge the tax charges altogether? More...


Can your company make a tax-free gift?

One of our subscribers came up with a neat plan to dodge the benefit-in-kind (BiK) rules when transferring assets from his company. He reckoned that by passing them direct to his wife he could save both tax and NI. But was he right? More...


Secret Santa

Last updated: 20.02.2019

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