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Children, shares and long-term tax planning

Your long-term plan is for your children to take over the family company but they are far too young at the moment. Nevertheless, is it worth giving them shares in the business now as a tax-saving measure? More...


Paying for your child’s education

School fees are expensive, especially when you have to pay for them out of your taxed income. But if you can involve your family in some tax planning, is there a way to extract tax-free money from your company to pay the fees? More...


Diverting income for school fees

Wealthy relatives are often the source of funds used for school fee schemes. But what if yours don’t have the cash to set aside the amounts required for school fee investment plans. Is there a viable alternative? More...


The price of generosity

Gifts of assets are treated as transfers at market value so that a capital gain and potential tax liability can arise. What can be done to reduce or avoid such a tax charge when you make a gift? More...


Child Trust Funds

Your offspring is a brilliant child and will surely qualify for University, but how are you going to pay for 3-5 years at law or med school when the time comes? The Child Trust Fund sounds promising, but is it the solution? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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