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Can you claim a tax deduction for voluntary work?

Our subscriber’s company is involved in a project to help a local charity. It’s doing the work for free but will incur costs for materials and the services of employees who will be paid as usual. Will these expenses be tax deductible? More...


More ways to claim gift aid

You’ve been contacted by a charity asking for regular donations but you don’t want to commit to this. However, you’re happy to make a one-off donation; there’s even a way to do this without using your cash savings. How does it work? More...


HMRC clarifies tax break on gifts


Gift aid or company donation, which is best for you?

If you want to make a donation to a charity and you’re a company owner, you could pay it personally or from your business. How do these methods differ and is one more tax efficient than the other? More...


Tax relief allowed on entry fees


A simpler and quicker way to claim tax relief for gifts

One of your staff has suggested setting up a payroll giving scheme. This sounds like extra work you can do without. But she says it’s simple to set up and can mean getting tax relief on charitable donations sooner. Is this right? More...


Increased tax relief on charitable gifts


A cap on all tax reliefs


Tax savings for the gift of shares

A recent high profile case is likely to see a fraudster locked up for creating a tax evasion scheme linked to charitable gifts of shares. This scheme was dishonest, but is the genuine version on which it was based worth considering? More...


A Christmas gift from the Taxman

Last updated: 01.04.2020

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