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Expenses for volunteer workers - are they taxable?

You’ve volunteered to do some fetching and carrying for a charity. You won’t be paid a wage but the charity is willing to meet your travel costs. Will you have to pay tax on these? More...


Personally owned equipment - employer contributions

Some of your employees are using their own IT equipment while working at home during the coronavirus pandemic. You want to pay them an allowance to compensate them for the business use. Do you have to put it through the payroll and deduct PAYE tax and NI? More...


Compensating an employee - is it a taxable benefit?

When an employee’s car was damaged in our subscriber’s car park the company paid to have it repaired. The question is should the payment be taxed and, if so, as earnings or as a benefit in kind? More...


Pre-start up expenses - are they tax deductible?

One of our subscribers has decided to turn her hobby into a business which she’ll run though a company. She bought stock, equipment etc. for her hobby which will now be used for the business instead. Can it claim tax deductions for these costs? More...


Can you reimburse credit card charges tax free?

A director made a big credit card purchase of stock for her company as it was short of cash. It was several months before it could it pay her back. If the company pays her credit card charges can it do so tax and NI free? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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