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Join the club - it might be tax deductible

Our subscriber’s firm is in the north of England but he frequently visits London for business meetings. He’s joined a London club for a hefty fee as it offers convenient meetings rooms and a place to stay. Is the club membership tax allowable? More...


A working holiday - is it tax deductible?

One of our subscribers has arranged to tack on a few days to his family holiday so he can visit a few prospective clients. His accountant has told him that he can’t claim any of the costs relating to the trip. Is this correct? More...


Tax on personal use of business accommodation

You’re working on a long-term contract that keeps you away from home. You’ve rented an apartment for six months to keep costs down. Will you be taxed if you use the flat at weekends or your family visits? More...


Are mixed expenses payments exempt

As an employer you decide if expenses you pay or reimburse your employees are exempt or liable to PAYE tax and NI. HMRC says if you get it wrong it will hold you liable for the lost tax and NI. Is that right? More...


Flat rate travel expenses - HMRC’s hidden trap

You use HMRC’s approved benchmark rates when you pay your employees for subsistence when they travel for work. The trouble is, if you follow HMRC’s latest advice you may be costing yourself VAT. What’s the full story? More...


Can you claim a tax deduction for voluntary work?

Our subscriber’s company is involved in a project to help a local charity. It’s doing the work for free but will incur costs for materials and the services of employees who will be paid as usual. Will these expenses be tax deductible? More...


Travelling first class with a little help from HMRC

Your firm has a policy that all business travel must be standard or economy class. If, at your expense, you decide to upgrade your train journey to first class so you can work en route, can you claim a tax deduction for the extra cost? More...


HMRC back tracks (a little) on overnight expenses

When the benefits and expenses regime was overhauled in 2016 HMRC withdrew its long-standing agreement for overnight allowances paid to truck drivers. It’s now agreed a new deal. What’s the full story? More...


Working abroad - a tax break for travel expenses

Your company has landed a blue-chip contract, but it means you working abroad for a few months. Your company will pay for you to return to the UK mid-contract to see your family, but is there a more attractive and equally tax-efficient alternative? More...


Are benchmark subsistence payments still tax efficient?

The rules for benchmark subsistence rates changed in April 2016, and they can no longer be used in a salary sacrifice arrangement. What are the changes and is there still a way to use benchmark payments tax efficiently? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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