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Flat rate travel expenses - HMRC’s hidden trap

You use HMRC’s approved benchmark rates when you pay your employees for subsistence when they travel for work. The trouble is, if you follow HMRC’s latest advice you may be costing yourself VAT. What’s the full story? More...


Sales trips - maximising your VAT recovery

As the sales director you’re out on the road a lot meeting and greeting existing and potential customers, and spending a packet in the process. But how much of the VAT on these costs will HMRC allow you to reclaim? More...


Reclaiming VAT on workers’ expenses

Apart from paying salary to your workers it’s likely you’ll make other financial transactions with them, such as providing benefits-in-kind (BiKs) and reimbursing business expenses. But where do you stand with the Taxman on these? More...


Freelancer’s expenses

Does your business use self-employed staff/contractors? If it does, what happens to VAT on, say, their overnight expenses? Can the VATman argue you can’t reclaim the VAT on any expense they recharge to you? More...


Computerised mileage claims

Recovering the VAT paid on most business expenses requires hard evidence and can be something of a chore. So what is the best method for calculating the Input VAT element when making mileage payments? More...


Petty VAT

You’ve paid for business expenses out of a cash advance from your company. What sort of receipt do you need to avoid the VATman later reversing your company’s claim for the VAT included in your expenses? More...


Would you like a VAT receipt?

The VATman has finally got around to changing the law on recovering VAT on employee mileage claims. How should you react to this? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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