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Can you reimburse credit card charges tax free?

A director made a big credit card purchase of stock for her company as it was short of cash. It was several months before it could it pay her back. If the company pays her credit card charges can it do so tax and NI free? More...


Are mixed expenses payments exempt

As an employer you decide if expenses you pay or reimburse your employees are exempt or liable to PAYE tax and NI. HMRC says if you get it wrong it will hold you liable for the lost tax and NI. Is that right? More...


Can a director be paid before trade begins?

New companies often incur start-up costs before they begin trading. Is it sensible from a tax and NI point of view for directors to start taking income before the business generates any money? More...


Dealing with advance expenses under the new regime

As an employer if you reimburse an expense to an employee you’re required to decide if it’s tax deductible. If it’s not, PAYE tax and NI are payable as it if were salary. But how can this rule work if you pay employees an advance of expenses? More...


New expenses rule - is a P11D needed for 2015/16?

An employee recently put in an expenses claim for the last three months. Most of it relates to 2015/16, but he was reimbursed in 2016/17. Your bookkeeper isn’t sure what to enter, if anything, on the P11D for 2015/16? More...


Barter trade - getting something for nothing

When your business pays another for work it can claim the cost as a tax deduction. If, on the other hand, it pays for the work in kind what are the tax implications and is there an advantage to be gained? More...


Claim business expenses tax and NI efficiently

You can reimburse employees for the costs they incur in using personally-owned equipment for work, e.g. a laptop and printer. Calculating how much to pay is fiddly so can you give them a flat rate allowance instead? More...


HMRC’s new expenses list


Don’t pay employees’ expenses, lend them the money

NI has no system for allowing deductions where an expenses payment relates to a mixed business and personal cost; your company has to pay NI on the lot. But is there a way around this rule? More...


When can a business expense be claimed?

It is usual practice when completing your tax return to claim business expenses on exactly the same figures as appear on your benefits and expenses return. Is this correct or could you be losing out? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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