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Making an expenses claim

If you’ve worked at home because of coronavirus you might have incurred extra costs for which you can claim a tax deduction. How do you make the claim and what happens after the tax year ends? More...


The cost of moving home and office - is there tax relief?

One of our subscribers, who works from home, is moving. The removal firm’s charges are eye-wateringly high and so our subscriber wants to claim a tax deduction for a proportion of the costs relating to his work equipment. Will HMRC allow it? More...


Exempt employer payments for homeworking

There’s more than one way to compensate your staff tax and NI free for costs they incur when they work from home. The rules for each are quite different but is one more generous than the others? More...


CGT myths about using your home for work

You want to work from home, however a colleague has warned this will affect the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption on your house. He says that you can avoid this by not claiming a tax deduction for household costs. Is this right? More...


Tax-free homeworking allowance increases

Where you work at home, your company can pay a tax-free allowance to cover household expenses. To avoid complex calculations the Taxman says you can claim a flat figure per week, but in what circumstances can you justify more? More...


Tax deduction for business expenses refused

In a recent case the tax tribunal considered deductions claimed by a director for the cost of equipment and household expenses used in his job. It accepted that these were genuine business costs but refused the claim, why? More...


Get it right! - the Taxman’s toolkits

The Taxman has released more toolkits aimed at cutting errors on tax returns. This time he turned his attention to employee benefits and VAT. But is his advice sound? More...


New angle on working from home

What’s the best way of charging your company for use of your office at home? And if you own several companies can you bill each of them? More...


Getting the decorating done

You’ve heard from a colleague that he’s just had the decorators in. According to him, the Taxman will be footing the bill, as it’s being paid for by his company. How is this possible? More...


Just £1 a week for use of home!

Although a room was used at home for business administration purposes, the Taxman thought a deduction of £10.00 per week was overly generous, and proposed just £1 a week. What’s the right amount? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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