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The new expenses rule and working rule agreements

New tax rules for recording and paying employees’ job-related expenses apply from 6 April 2016. How will these affect tax and NI-free payments you make under working rule agreements (WRAs)? More...


Travel and meal expenses - how much can you pay?

Your employees’ subsistence expenses claims have been getting out of hand so you want to set a fixed rate. The figure you have in mind is higher than HMRC’s suggested amount; does this mean PAYE tax and NI are due on the excess? More...


PAYE dispensations - how not to use them

Directors and employees are entitled to claim tax deductions for business expenses. However, HMRC says that some employers have been incorrectly using dispensations to shortcut this procedure. What’s the problem? More...


P11D trouble with travel expenses

Where a director or employee travels on business, the company can pick up the bill by reimbursing the worker or meeting the cost directly. But does the method used make a difference to how it should be reported to the Taxman? More...


Is now the right time for a tax dispensation?

A recent report claims that PAYE dispensations are vastly under-used. These informal agreements with the Taxman can be big time savers for employers. But when is the right time to apply for one? More...


Are you safe from a P11D penalty?

One of our subscribers was threatened with an £18,000 penalty for including the wrong figures for expenses payments on Forms P11D. What was the problem, and how exactly did he escape the wrath of the Taxman? More...


How to avoid completing Forms P11D

If you pay business expenses to employees or directors, you should consider a “P11D dispensation”. In our experience many employers either don’t apply, or let them expire. So how can you obtain a dispensation and keep it current? More...


Expense rates grounded

If you put in an optimistic application for a flat-rate expenses dispensation, and the officer responsible blindly accepts it, is it safe to rely on their generosity? What does the latest case say? More...


Expense claims without receipts

Dispensations from the Taxman are often marketed as a way to claim expenses without the need for any receipts. Is this true? If so, how could you make best use of them? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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