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Employer-paid expenses - when must you declare them?

The general tax and NI exemption for job expenses might not apply if the expense is met directly by the employer. If you wrongly miss expenses off Forms P11D it can land you in big trouble with HMRC. What should you be reporting? More...


A working holiday - is it tax deductible?

One of our subscribers has arranged to tack on a few days to his family holiday so he can visit a few prospective clients. His accountant has told him that he can’t claim any of the costs relating to the trip. Is this correct? More...


Tax on personal use of business accommodation

You’re working on a long-term contract that keeps you away from home. You’ve rented an apartment for six months to keep costs down. Will you be taxed if you use the flat at weekends or your family visits? More...


No more tax relief for subsistence?


Retrospective expenses payments and P11Ds

In late 2015 a company reimburses a director’s expenses incurred in 2014/15 and shows the cost in its accounts for that year. Should it now submit a P11D for 2014/15 and will that trigger a penalty as the filing deadline has passed? More...


Business trip accommodation expenses not deductible

Each week you travel to another part of the country on business and rent a flat there to save on hotel bills. Surely that’s a tax deductible business expense? The tribunal didn’t think so; why? More...


Maximising the training costs tax break

The cost of training your workforce is tax deductible for your business and a tax and NI-free benefit for them. But can this exemption extend to non-employees, say a member of a director’s family? More...


Is keeping your workers warm a taxable benefit?

If you raised the heating a notch or two to keep your staff warm in the recent cold snap, you probably didn’t worry about the tax consequences. But what’s the position if instead you provide clothes to keep your workers warm? More...


Is the provision of clothing taxable?

A number of our subscribers have asked what the tax consequences are if they provide clothing to their company directors and employees. If there are benefit- in-kind tax and NI charges, how can these be reduced or avoided? More...


Training as a director

A recent court case looked at whether the costs of attending courses as required under a contract of employment were tax deductible for an employee. What about courses you go on as a director? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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