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Are fees resulting from an investigation tax deductible?

Following a long investigation our subscriber agreed to adjustments to his tax return. His accountancy and legal fees far outweighed the extra tax he had to pay. But will HMRC accept a tax deduction for these? More...


P11D reporting of expenses for 2016/17


HMRC’s new guidance on business travel

Business travel expenses which you pay or reimburse to your employees are now exempt from tax and NI, as long as HMRC’s conditions are met. What are these and how can you be sure of meeting them? More...


P11D trouble with travel expenses

Where a director or employee travels on business, the company can pick up the bill by reimbursing the worker or meeting the cost directly. But does the method used make a difference to how it should be reported to the Taxman? More...


Benefits - to declare or not to declare?

When it comes to filling in Forms P11D there are some tricky rules to cope with. One of these is having to declare and pay NI on benefits-in-kind (BiK) given to your staff by other people. In what circumstances can you ignore this? More...


Look for the P11D traps

As the last of the P35s are filed, thoughts unavoidably turn to the related task of preparing Forms P11D. So what are the classic traps to be avoided this time around? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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