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No more tax relief for subsistence?


Is home-to-work travel ever tax allowable?

In a recent case the tribunal ruled that a home office can count as a permanent workplace for company directors. Does this mean the cost of travel from there to your main workplace is tax deductible? More...


Achieving a successful salary sacrifice

The tribunal recently ruled in favour of the Taxman in a case worth £160 million. You might think this was linked to a fancy tax avoidance scheme, but actually it involved simple errors made in setting up a salary sacrifice. What went wrong? More...


The tax advantages of fixed expenses payments

Reimbursing your employees the cost of their business travel etc. is tax and NI-free. But could paying a fixed-rate allowance instead make them better off and save you time and effort into the bargain? More...


Foreign trip tip for business travellers

The Taxman has recently published his revised list of “benchmark expenses” for overseas business trips. On the face of it this is just a time-saving concession. But can you convert them into a tax-free benefit? More...


Salary sacrifice for tax-free subsistence

Your sales are down and admin costs are up, particularly due to all those pesky tax forms. But could there be a way to reward your sales force with some extra tax-free cash, and reduce your admin costs at the same time? More...


Is the provision of clothing taxable?

A number of our subscribers have asked what the tax consequences are if they provide clothing to their company directors and employees. If there are benefit- in-kind tax and NI charges, how can these be reduced or avoided? More...


Two places of work

A recent case shows that even tax specialists can’t get tax relief for home to work travel. However, there is something you can still claim… More...


A nice clean uniform

You want your staff to present a consistent image to your customers, so you’ve asked them to wear clothes in the corporate colours. But what about paying for the dry-cleaning as well? What’s the Taxman’s view on this? More...


Up from £2 to £3. So what?

If your employees work at home on a regular basis, what can they claim for? The Taxman has just changed his advice in this area; should you? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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