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Tax dos and don’ts of employing casual workers

When you employ casual labour for a short period you need to take special care when agreeing and processing their pay. A mistake could leave you on the wrong end of a tax and NI bill. What steps should you take to avoid this? More...


HMRC warns employers over student loans


Student tax scheme to be scrapped

Where you employ a student, perhaps one of your own youngsters, they can sign a Form P38S which means you don’t usually have to bother with PAYE tax. The Taxman is to scrap this concession, but can PAYE tax still be avoided? More...


Santa’s little helpers

Business is booming and you need to take on extra staff to cope with demand. Do you need to put your seasonal helpers through your payroll if you pay them less than £100 a week? More...


Paying wages out of the till

You’re planning to take on some summer casuals to help. But what exactly are the tax and NI consequences of this? Can’t you just pay them out of the till or petty cash tin and be done with it? More...


Summer casuals

The Taxman’s PAYE literature suggests you can’t pay casual workers in cash, you have to put them through your payroll instead. Is this true? If so, what can you do about workers you’ve already paid in cash? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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