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Now’s the time to turn back the clock on taxable perks

In 2018/19 your company provided you with benefits in kind. As it stands you’ll be taxed on them and your company will have to pay Class 1A NI. There’s still time to prevent these charges. How’s it done and is it worth it? More...


Staff discounts - do they result in a taxable benefit?

You run a building firm employing 15 staff. You offer them a 50% discount for work you do for their families. Should you report this as a benefit in kind and if so how do you calculate it? More...


Key date for employers


Cycle to work - is there a price cap?

Better weather is finally here and you’re considering a cycle-to-work scheme. The trouble is the companies marketing them set a price cap of £1,000 and you have your eye on a bike worth more. Is there a way to get what you want? More...


A boost to tax-free pension advice


Employee shareholder scheme squeezes in


Employee-shareholders - end of the road?


Can watching the Olympics at work benefit you?

Whether you’re interested in sport or not, the world will have its eyes focused on the UK this summer. This will no doubt include a good many of your employees. How can you turn this potential distraction into a tax-free benefit? More...


Vouchers offer tax savings and more

You’ve heard there are tax, NI and other advantages to giving your employees vouchers instead of other types of benefit-in-kind. What are these and what are the tax and NI breaks? More...


Taxman’s U-turn on smartphones

The Taxman has always insisted that smartphones don’t qualify for the tax and NI exemption allowed for other types of mobile. He’s now changed his mind. What does this mean if you’ve paid tax and NI on these in the past? More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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