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Personal or corporate investment - which is better?

You have the opportunity to buy shares in a new company with good prospects. You can afford to make the investment personally, but might you be better off doing it through your company? More...


Can a dividend ever be too high?

When you started your company you took a small salary plus dividends. Your accountant now says because the company’s profits weren’t sufficient some of them were illegal and you might have to pay tax on them. Is he correct? More...


Getting property out of your company

If you want to transfer your company’s trading premises or other property it owns into your name, you can expect a hefty tax bill to go with it. What steps can you take to stop it costing you the Earth? More...


A director’s record is enough to…

There is a pitfall for small companies if making dividend payments to director shareholders involves using their loan accounts. How can you avoid this becoming a problem? More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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